Hadoop Architecture and SQL (Genius Series Book 25)


Title: Hadoop Architecture and SQL (Genius Series Book 25)

Format: e-Book

ISBN: 9781940540405

Publisher: Coffing Publishing

Pub. Date: February 2016


Hadoop is one of the most exciting technologies to ever emerge and is transforming the computer industry. Although Hadoop is designed to process MapReduce queries, it has evolved into accepting SQL, and then converts that SQL to MapReduce. This has opened the door for millions of customers who want to take advantage of their SQL knowledge to query Hadoop systems. Tera-Tom Genius Series – Hadoop Architecture and SQL written by Tom Coffing and Jason Nolander details the architecture of Hadoop and the SQL commands available. This book is perfect for anyone who wants to query Hadoop with SQL. It educates readers on how to create tables, how the data is distributed, and how the system processes the data. In addition, it includes hundreds of pages of SQL examples and explanations. The Authors Tera-Tom Coffing, who has written over 75 successful books on Data Warehousing, and Jason Nolander, who has over 20 years of financial industry experience, have written a book that is sure to be your “go to” book on Hadoop.