Actian Matrix (Formerly ParAccel) Architecture and SQL (Genius Series Book 17)


Title: Actian Matrix (Formerly ParAccel) Architecture and SQL (Genius Series Book 17)

Format: e-Book

ISBN: 9781940540313

Publisher: Coffing Publishing

Pub. Date: October 2015


One of the most exciting new technologies is Columnar, and one of the premier pioneers of this technology is Actian’s Matrix database. This book details the architecture of the Matrix system and shows all SQL commands with real-world examples that work. This book educates readers on how to create tables and indexes, how the data is distributed, how columnar works, and how the system processes the data. Plus, it is followed up with over 500 pages of SQL examples and explanations. This book is a must have for anyone designing, implementing or querying a Matrix system. The Authors, Tera-Tom Coffing and Ed Bernier, bring experience and expertise together. Tom Coffing has written over 70 books on all technologies and is considered one of the best technical authors in the world. Ed Bernier is a past employee of Actian and Netezza and has inside knowledge because of his system engineering background on a wide variety of systems.