Kognitio Architecture and SQL (Genius Series Book 23)


Title: Kognitio Architecture and SQL (Genius Series Book 23)

Format: e-Book

ISBN: 9781940540382

Publisher: Coffing Publishing

Pub. Date: January 2016


One of the most exciting database inventions is in-memory technology. Kognitio has been the pioneer of the in-memory database, and it is brilliant for both on-premises and cloud technology. This book details the architecture of the Kognitio and the SQL commands available. This book is perfect for anyone who works with a Kognitio system. This book educates readers on how to create tables, how the data is distributed, and how the system process the data. Plus, it is followed up with over 500 pages of SQL examples and explanations. This book is a must have for anyone designing, implementing, or querying a Kognitio system. Authors Tera-Tom Coffing, who has written over 75 successful books, and Leona Coffing, Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Coffing Data Warehousing, bring a combined 40 years of data warehouse knowledge to create this must have book.